10 Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

In Seattle, jokes about coffee are common. On your route to work, you’ll pass at least three or four Starbucks in addition to numerous independent stores. Best Coffee Shops in Seattle.This city offers the ideal coffee shop for you, whether you’re visiting the birthplace of American latte art (Vivace), hoping to travel to third wave heaven (Analog), or just want free refills and a breakfast sandwich while you have your bike mended.Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

1.Victrola Coffee Roasters

Locals have long loved the 15th Ave location, however these days you’ll find plenty of outlets and more people with their faces buried in laptops than in books. Professional coffee is served by the staff, and the lemon lavender cake pairs well with a short Americano.

2.Elm Coffee Roasters

 It is initially identifiable by two blue outside cafe tables. Because of the high industrial ceilings and bank of windows across the front, the room is light and airy, giving the impression that it is larger than it is. Taste the refreshing and mildly sweet espresso tonic

3.Little Oddfellows

 You can work here, journal, complete your novel, or just use it as a place to put off taking pictures of your avocado toast. That’s what most people do, anyhow. A little bit of everything is present: Rainier beer, house-scratch sodas, wine on tap, and Caffe Vita coffee.

4.Peloton Bicycle Shop & Cafe

 In Seattle, there are bike shop caf├ęs that are essentially what you would expect: repairs on one side, food and coffee on the other, and a few seating areas. The small store by the world champion stripes painted over the front will stand out. Even if you don’t ride a bike, it’s still worth attending for the free coffee refills and breakfast sandwiches.

5.Milstead & Co.

With its rotating selection of coffee from twelve local roasteries (flavors tending toward bright, fruity, and tart), as well as a La Marzocco espresso machine, this location is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. They’ll prepare you a spicy golden milk latte, hot or cold, but no decaf.

6.BAR Vif

Rich egg-on-a-roll with smoky ham, avocado tartine, and crunchy kale and carrot salad are some of the deceptively basic meals on the menu. A homemade dukkah spice combination and expertly pickled peppers are just two of the thoughtful touches that the kitchen expertly combines with flavors and textures. The wine list consists only of natural wines and is suitable for any time of day. The facility has a pleasant, welcoming vibe all around. Anyone would be thrilled to have such a hangout in their own neighborhood.

7.BAR Tougo Coffee Co

 With wood-paneled ceilings, a big shared table (and many of individual seats), and a kids’ play area off to the side in the back, the long, narrow space is cozy and peaceful. The diversity of patrons is indicative of this historically African American and Hispanic area, which is progressively turning more white.

8.Analog Coffee

As you approach its peaceful corner of Capitol Hill, it nevertheless appears modest despite being trendy, ideal, famous, and photogenic. There are actual newspapers (on paper!) for you to peruse, and the bright tiny space is filled with the cozy sound of records being played. Gorgeous folks read by the window or quietly work on their laptops.

9.Navy Strength

This is your place if you prefer to sip your coffee from a tiki cup. Vibrant orange and turquoise accents, together with palm-leaf lighting, give the impression that you’ve left the Seattle rain and entered a tropical vision from the 1970s.

10.BAR Espresso Vivace

 Since it first debuted in 1988 and helped popularize latte art, not much has changed. It initiates trends without caving in to them. It’s like stepping back in time to the late ’90s when you take a taste of a Cafe Nico, which is a double espresso with shots of orange and vanilla and steaming half and half garnished with an orange twist.

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