The 10 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Austin

In recent years, Austin’s coffee scene has evolved from mediocre to overpowering.  It makes perfect sense given the rapid population growth we’ve witnessed, which shows no signs of slowing down (just look at Tesla).Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Austin

These days, a good coffee shop can offer more than just expertly roasted, sustainably grown beans served by baristas.  Many stores pose as cafes and provide a full menu of delectable pastries, snacks, and plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in addition to a full-service bar with ice-cold beer and craft cocktails.  There is no reason for you to stop at Starbucks when there are so many excellent coffee shops in Austin—unless you have a strong objection to keeping your business local.

After countless freshly brewed cups of latte, cold brew, espresso, and Americano, we’ve put together an extensive list of our top coffee shops in almost all of Austin’s neighborhoods.Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Austin

1.Greater Good Coffee Co.

A carefully chosen assortment of specialty coffees from around the globe is available at Greater Goods.  The contemporary, architectural interior is light-filled, spacious, and brimming with the spirit of a chic coffee shop that serves as a focal point for the development and reform of East Austin.

2.Houndstooth Coffee

Since launching their first café in 2010, they have contributed to Austin’s coffee scene’s expansion. While many places concentrate on providing excellent coffee, Houndstooth asks visitors to participate in weaving a vibrant social fabric—the Pattern of Coffee and People—by emphasizing hospitality, the art of conversation, and education. This approach creates a cozy and welcoming environment in each cafe.

3.Wright Bro.’s Brew & Brew

Located in one of the best spaces in town, Wright Bro.’s is a spacious and hardworking establishment that specializes in locally crafted beer and coffee, catering to all tastes.

4.The Buzz Mill

This cozy place, which is usually open 24 hours a day, is a must-visit for great locally roasted premium coffee and craft beer!  Savor delectable Plow Burger specials and burgers as well.


One of the few iconic locations with its original charm still standing in the city is the original location on East Ceasar Chavez. It offers a delectable full dining and coffee menu with options for breakfast, lunchand evenings, all made with ingredients that are sourced locally.  It’s also the ideal location to take advantage of patio season!


Excellent coffee, alcohol, nicotine, and all of your legal vices are all available under one roof at Halcyon Coffee, a 24-hour downtown destination.  This place is a great place to work from your laptop during the day or go out on a date night. It has a distinct Austin vibe

7.Better Half

To be honest, I usually come for the dining menu, but this little coffee shop does better than most in local brewing and has a dog-friendly patio in addition to their delicious food.  In addition, they have a fantastic happy hour from 1 to 4 p.m. and a reverse happy hour every night from 9 to 10 p.m

8.Merit Coffee

For those who consider themselves coffee connoisseurs, Merit Coffee, based in San Antonio, has three locations in Austin where you can flaunt your snobbery to the fullest.  Selected employees have received professional certification as coffee stewards and training to brew the best coffee in the city using beans that have been roasted in some of the world’s greatest regions.

9.Jo’s Coffee

Jo’s Coffee, which has two locations in central Austin, offers much more than just the controversial “I Love You So Much” mural on South Congress.  Savor everything from sandwiches, burgers, and queso for lunch to breakfast tacos in the morning.

10.Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches

The family-run Austin kolache bakery, coffee shop, and taproom is called Batch Craft Beer and Kolaches. Because of their collaboration with Greater Goods Roasting, Batch provides a comprehensive espresso and coffee program.  Their pastry chefs collaborate with Micklethwait Craft Meats and regional fruit vendors to take the traditional Czech pastry from Central Texas to a gourmet level.

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