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Perhaps the most enduring and popular morning routine practiced by people everywhere is having a cup of coffee. While some individuals will never give up on their Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks order, you can discover the wonderful world of fine coffee by venturing out and trying independently run and locally owned coffee businesses. Coffee is significantly more sophisticated than most people realize, whether you stick with a straightforward cold brew to start your day or you like a milky latte.

cafes In Los Angeles, you can find excellent coffee shops that cater to various personalities, in addition to boasting some of the best restaurants in the nation.


Though exceedingly fashionable and very “LA,” Alfred creates some fairly good beers. The city has various locations scattered throughout, ranging from Koreatown cafes in Los Angeles to Malibu. Let me know if you need any further assistance. The first Alfred began operations on Melrose Place and immediately grew to become a popular celebrity hangout and trendy coffee shop on social media. Alfred has been the sight of many celebrity sightings, including Nick Jonas and the Kardashians.

Alfred values high-quality products despite trendy restaurants not always having great cuisine and beverages. Try the iced lavender latte for a more Zen caffeine fix instead of the popular iced vanilla latte.

Primo Passo Coffee Co.

Primo Passo Coffee Co. is a contemporary coffee shop in Santa Monica that serves everything from traditional cappuccinos to iced matcha. It is situated off Montana Avenue. This well-liked coffee shop in the neighborhood has a neighborhood feel despite its slick and artistic design, and you can always find individuals working hard on their laptops while getting their caffeine fix. While coffee is undoubtedly the main attraction here, Primo Passo also offers some delicious pastries and desserts.

Every morning at 6:30 a.m., the shop opens to serve those who rise early and find it impossible to function without their daily cup of coffee.

Chimney Coffee House

Cafes in 2010, Chimney Coffee House made its debut in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Chimney Coffee House is the place to go if you want to see how dynamic and complex coffee really is. Using seasonal beans highlights variations in flavour and complexity throughout the year.The beans undergo meticulous care throughout the entire curation and roasting process. The small-batch roasting further guarantees quality maintenance.

Customers can choose between plant-based milks including oat milk and almond milk in addition to full milk. Pick between the savoury and sweet chicken and waffles or morning favourites like the sausage and egg sandwich. If you’d want to get brunch, the store also serves breakfast burritos and French toast.

Go Get Em Tiger

Go Get Em Tiger is a modern coffee shop with several locations throughout the city. They have a simple and stylish aesthetic. No matter if you visit their small coffee stand in Ocean Park, Santa Monica, or their spot in Downtown LA, The Row, the quality of their coffee is always excellent and consistent.

The cafe’s 24-hour cold brew has a pleasant flavour that makes it simple to sip despite being very powerful. If you’d rather have less caffeine, the iced honey matcha latte has just the right amount of sweetness. The almond macadamia latte with turmeric is another well-liked beverage. In addition, Go Get Em Tiger offers a wide variety of delicious breakfast options, such as baked goods and avocado toast with lemon.

La La Land Kind Café

La La Land Kind Cafe is well-known for its great vibes and coffee, as the name suggests. The cafes has three locations in Los Angeles – The Grove in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Calabasas. It would be an understatement to say that the white and yellow atmosphere is pleasant and visually pleasing, while the service is undoubtedly friendly.

If the baristas try to strike up a conversation, don’t be shocked; that’s kind of the brand. The butterfly latte’s usage of blue butterfly pea blossom and vivid colouring make it a popular post on Instagram. There’s no shortage of excellent selections on the menu if you prefer your coffees sweeter.


There are three Westside locations for Goodboybob: Culver City, Manhattan Beach, and Santa Monica. Since its opening in the summer of 2017, the Santa Monica location has grown to become a beloved local hangout. The relaxed yet comfortable atmosphere is perfect for organising a business meeting or interview or for meeting up with friends for a cappuccino. Customers at the Santa Monica branch can also enjoy some sunbathing while they satisfy their caffeine cravings on the outdoor terrace.

The Culver City goodboybobs is a little more industrial, while the Manhattan Beach store has a more surf-inspired vibe. Visitors can order a selection of pastries, tartines, and chapati wraps in addition to coffee and tea. Wine is also served at the Culver City and Santa Monica locations.


Endorffeine is a unique coffee shop located in Chinatown. Jack Benchakul, the brand’s originator and owner, maintains innovation as the brand’s primary focus. In order to cope with the unpredictable circumstances following the epidemic, Endoreffeine started canning beverages, demonstrating that ingenuity may come to the rescue even in the most uncertain of circumstances. There are many traditional coffee drinks on the menu that any coffee fan would enjoy, such as a creamy cortado and a cool shaken iced latte.

Still, the best of Endorffeine may be found on the trademark menu. The tamarind-Thai basil tea is what you order if you’re craving something crisp and herbaceous. Both the vanilla-pandan and the palm sugar-whiskey iced lattes are unusual favourites. Food and Wine, the LA Times, and Endorffeine have all made appearances on numerous “best of” lists.

Espresso Profeta

Want a little pick-me-up as you meander about Westwood? Espresso Profeta is the best there is. This neighbourhood hangout and grab-and-go coffee business specialises in classic espresso shots and combinations. It is a quaint and beautiful place. There are a few tables inside where you may post up for an hour while you read a nice book or catch up with a buddy, even though the majority of customers order and go.

Additionally, the outdoor bistro tables have a really evocative quality that transports you to a peaceful Italian neighbourhood. While espresso is undoubtedly the preferred beverage, customers may also select from an amazing assortment of teas, ranging from green tea to a turmeric chai latte.

Eightfold Coffee

One of the hippest coffee shops on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park is Eightfold Coffee, with its simple design and slightly retro vibe. In the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, there is another Eightfold Coffee store. Both stores offer daily hot matcha and white chocolate lattes.

The Art’s District spot has a secret menu with unique coffee and drink options worth trying. Hojicha green tea latte, available hot or cold, is the current hidden menu item. Eightfold Coffee serves a wide variety of meals, including chia pudding with fresh fruit and avocado toast.

Habitat Coffee

Nestled in Eagle Rock, Habitat Coffee offers much more than just coffee. The business is a terrific place for early risers and freelancers searching for a new all-day space to work from because it is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are many other coffee and espresso options available, such as iced Americano and cafe au lait. Habitat Coffee’s best feature is its wide variety of milk options.

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