Top 10 Best Restaurants In Bristol

Bristol has been witnessing a surge in innovative cookery for a while now. Two Michelin-starred restaurants indicate the city’s growing influence on the British food scene. But the city’s unique blend of cultures. Residents’ strong commitment to sustainable ethics. (eating food that is sourced locally is expected). And their fervent support of small businesses has all contributed to something truly exceptional. 10 Best Restaurants In Bristol

In an effort to strengthen and market the city’s reputation as a gastronomic destination, there also appears to be a refreshing camaraderie among this new generation of chefs, restaurateurs, and suppliers.

Bristol has everything one might want, from the city’s Michelin-starred establishments and top-notch hotel restaurants to the delicious street cuisine at Tobacco Factory Market and St Nicholas Market. Here, our expert selects his top picks.

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1. Harbourside Paco Tapas

The smaller-scale Casa has taken the place of the previously closed. Michelin-starred Casamia, which was founded by chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias. With its own Michelin star, Paco Tapas presents a unique twist on the classic tapas. Hake fillet, Duroc pig ribs, or stuffed fowl cooked over an applewood fire come to mind. Of course, they also have a great selection of sherries. Casa, Sanchez-Iglesias’ most recent innovation, is housed in the same Grade II listed structure. And features creative small-plate Italian cuisine that is designed to be shared. It’s not inexpensive—a Chef’s Choice costs £80 per person—but gaining another star is undoubtedly the goal.

2. Wapping Wharf / BOX-E       

Nestled in the Wapping Wharf neighborhood of the city, BOX-E is a cozy and well-equipped collection of restaurants and stores that are located in repurposed cargo containers. The development is known for its Cargo development. The eatery occupies two of them, and chef Elliott Lidstone produces superb modern British food in the sparsely furnished space of glass and blond plywood. Everything here is about space: the menu is always changing, all ingredients are absolutely fresh, and there are only 14 seats, plus four at the counter for the tasting menu at the kitchen table, so you really feel like you’re in a small gathering place. It’s the charred hispi cabbage with lemon butter and brown shrimp that’s amazing.

3. Root

Another one of Wapping Wharf’s shining stars is Root. It extends to five containers with floor to ceiling windows and a mishmash of damaged design elements around the kitchen and bar, such as shiny green tiles and an egg carton look. While there are a few fish dishes available, the focus is primarily on vegetables. Who knew that beetroot. Which may be served with blueberries. Hazelnuts, and seaweed, could look so beautiful and be so delicious? Chef Rob Howell creates very inventive dishes. It should come as no surprise that the seasons influence what is served.

4. Welsh Back / Adelina Yard

At Adelina Yard, which is in its fourth year, chefs Jamie Randall and Olivia Barry hope to “challenge the tastebuds” with their cuisine. With a view of the quay and a semi-L-shaped area featuring walls painted in mild tones of copper and similar hues, the couple emphasizes their conviction in utilizing fresh products in their contemporary, multi-inspired cooking. Their creative tasting meals are varied and highly inventive. The open kitchen is visible from the chef’s table seat. 10 Best Restaurants In Bristol

5. Cotham / Pasta Loco

It is easy to understand why this bustling, wildly popular restaurant has gained a devoted following. With its wacky lampshades, neutral décor, and compact bar, the restaurant is modest but ideally constructed. Bristolian cousins Dominic Borel and chef Ben Harvey serve Italian food with a wicked (and reasonably priced) twist. A taste explosion influenced by Indian. And Jamaican cuisine with a strong Italian foundation is to be expected. Pasta Ripiena, the family’s sister restaurant in the city, specializes in filled pasta. It’s hard to select a fave on the ever-changing menu but the carbonara is excellent. It understandable why this lively and wildly popular restaurant has garnered a devoted following. It’s hard to select a fave on the ever-changing menu but the carbonara is excellent. 10 Best Restaurants In Bristol

6. Bulrush

With ties to clubs such as Club Gascon and St John in London. George Livesey now owns this charming restaurant. Which is housed in a former greengrocer’s building and has earned a Michelin star. Despite its tiny size, the restaurant’s Anglo-French cuisine is incredibly ambitious, offering a tasting menu that can include dishes like grilled stone bass with smoked eel and Russell’s duck with hedgerow hoisin, chervil root, and muscat puree. 10 Best Restaurants In Bristol

7. Redland / Wilson’s

The modest, tastefully decorated Wilson’s restaurant offers little indication of the culinary delights that await patrons at the home of Mary Wilson and Jan Ostle. Posing as an English bistro, the restaurant features rickety tables and chairs, an open kitchen, lovely flowers on the bar, and a blackboard that displays the day’s menu. The focus is primarily on British food. Ostle creates “elegant but basic” dishes; the food is clearly prepared with a lot of love and effort. And you really receive value for your money. Try the roe deer, which might have been shot nearby by Ostle. If it’s available. Take advantage of the restaurant’s Friday and Saturday Bread Shop offerings, which include bacon Hokkaido rolls and pastries.

8. Stokes Croft / Caribbean Croft

Attractive cookhouse and bar Caribbean Croft reflects the diversity of the city. Surprisingly roomy with an extended bar, it flaunts its credentials with reggae music (a DJ spins records once a month), vivid wall advertisements for Appleton Estate and Red Stripe rum, and locally produced artwork. Hands-on proprietor Peter Innes oversees the restaurant, which is well-known for its home-cooked cuisine that spans the Caribbean, from Jamaica to Trinidad and Barbados. Tuck into curried goat or ackee saltfish with a choice of one of the 72 varieties of rum to quickly get into the spirit. 10 Best Restaurants In Bristol

9. St Pauls / Jikoni East Africa

Chefs Imam Salat and James Hillier create delectable meals from East Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Somalia. The former was influenced by her childhood explorations of Nairobi’s culinary scene. After two years of operating it as a mobile food business, the two debuted the restaurant in 2022 and gained immediate notoriety. Imagine enjoying crispy lentil fritters, Ethiopian-style chicken thighs with adzuki beans and green chili sauce, or Somalian filo pastry. 10 Best Restaurants In Bristol

10. Clifton / Nutmeg

Are you an expert in Indian cuisine? When you visit Nutmeg, which strives to represent the complete flavor and culinary diversity of India’s 29 states—and not just the typical favorites—you might have to think again. Nestled in the exclusive Clifton neighborhood, Nutmeg’s two levels present a zesty and innovative interpretation of the subcontinent’s culinary offerings, complete with a vividly stencilled mural and an audacious architectural design. There isn’t mango chutney on the menu, but there is beef madras and hog cheek vindaloo, both of which use a lot of locally produced ingredients.

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