Top 10 Best Restaurants In Cardiff

We want to rejoice that, as lockdown restrictions in Wales continue to loosen, Cardiff’s eateries, bars, and cafes are once again welcoming patrons. Uncertain about where to go on your first formal night out in Cardiff? Do you want to confirm that safety precautions are taken? Maybe you wish to support the next independent restaurant in your area? You don’t need to worry; Visit Cardiff has compiled a list of 12 fantastic spots to eat and drink in Cardiff during the lockdown. Our selection includes everything from casual dining to fine dining and everything in between. 10 Best Restaurants In Cardiff

1. Street Food Social at Deopt

You may wonder what a street food social is. There are eight street food vendors, socially separated tables, a fully licensed bar, several sanitization facilities, and most of the seats are covered to keep you safe from inclement weather.To participate, just buy a table ticket and reserve a table for the three-hour session in advance. A table ticket costs £10 per person. 10 Best Restaurants In Cardiff

2. The Botanist

Botanists have searched far and wide to provide you with an amazing selection of food and beverages.Now, one of Cardiff’s most talked-about new eateries has reopened. Enjoy amazing social moments every night with live music and a rooftop garden and bar! Botanists have searched far and wide to provide you with an amazing selection of food and beverages. 10 Best Restaurants In Cardiff

3. The Ivy

The Brasserie is an ideal venue for every occasion, and is open seven days a week from morning until night, whether you’re in the mood for gourmet cuisine or catch-up cocktails.

Cardiff has a ground level bar and main restaurant, as well as a first floor bar with colorful, eye-catching décor, delectable drinks, and a private dining area that can accommodate up to 24 people. 10 Best Restaurants In Cardiff

4. New York Deli

Local independent retailers like New York Deli sustain their business for thirty years by cultivating a devoted and consistent clientele. They achieve this by putting the “artist” in “sandwich artist.” If you haven’t had one of their enormous bagels or hoagies—and we do mean enormous!—you’re in for a wonderful treat. While using a knife and fork to eat a sandwich may seem incorrect, it actually tastes very good.

5. Pipes Brewery

It may surprise you to learn that the Cardiff-based Pipes Brewery has a beer garden as well. It’s one of the best-kept secrets in the area and is situated in Kings Road Yard in Pontcanna. To satisfy their devoted patrons throughout the lockdown, they sold beer in takeout bottles. However, they have just finished implementing all the safety precautions required to resume serving cold, delightful pints of beer. Hooray!

6. Mermaid Quay

There are three primary reasons why Mermaid Quay is an excellent place to eat and drink after the lockdown. To begin with, there are more than twenty restaurants, pubs, and cafés to select from, including well-known franchises like Cosy Club, Bill’s, and Nando’s, to mention a few. Second, Mermaid Quay has a sizable outdoor dining area spread across two stories. The breathtaking view of Cardiff Bay that Mermaid Quay overlooks is the last but certainly not least. 10 Best Restaurants In Cardiff

7. The Pontcanna Inn

The Pontcanna Inn is the ideal location for your upcoming gathering. In addition to the wonderful patios in front and back of the pub, as well as the friendly bar and lounge area, eleven exquisite boutique-style bedrooms are located upstairs

8. Laguna Bar & Terrace

The lively Laguna Bar is a great spot to try some excellent wines, unique cocktails, and a variety of expertly chosen ales. Whether you want to have a calm afternoon drink and a light lunch on the terrace while taking in the summer breeze, or see the night out in an elegant setting with low tables, creative seats, and cozy booths.

9. Coffi Co, Cardiff Bay

We understand that for some, the idea of visiting the centre of a capital city after lockdown can be a daunting thought. For those of you looking to ease yourself into the new normal, we highly recommend taking a long walk along the Cardiff Bay Barrage, taking in some crisp sea air and spectacular views, and stopping off at Coffi Co for refreshments, and a spot of brunch.

Coffi Co in Cardiff Bay may be the quirkiest Coffi Shop in Cardiff. Made from Shipping Containers, with deck chairs in the front yard and a roaring fire to keep all of their happy customers nice and cosy inside, it’s a must visit on any trip to Cardiff Bay!

10. Street Food Cinema

The creative minds behind Street Food Circus have reimagined the drive-in movie theater experience. Savor street cuisine from your preferred sellers, brought by their roller girls and boys, while lounging in the luxury of your own vehicle.

Enjoy your favorite movies with friends and family while you kick back and unwind. Classics from popular culture, including Grease, Pulp Fiction, The Lion King, and Back to the Future are among the films being exhibited.

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