Top 10 Best Restaurants In Birmingham

In the wake of Aktar Islam’s recent success in securing Birmingham’s fifth Michelin star for his innovative Indian eatery, Opheem, residents have found it harder to keep their typical self-deprecating sense of humor while talking about their hometown. The Second City is proud of Birmingham’s evolution into a major culinary destination, and it’s easy to understand why. 10 Best Restaurants In Birmingham.

Birmingham’s environment in 2020 is incredibly diverse, ranging from cozy street food shops to outstanding fine dining establishments, scents from the far east to the best in contemporary British cuisine. These are a few of the top places to go right now.

1. Center/ Purnell’s 

Though his bright disposition and distinctive accent have made him a popular figure on British cooking shows, Glynn Purnell’s Michelin-starred restaurant on Cornwall Street serves as a constant reminder of his extraordinary aptitude and inventiveness in the kitchen. Since its opening in 2007, Purnell’s has been a mainstay of the Birmingham culinary scene thanks to its stylish decor and attentive service. Under the direction of youthful head chef Luke Butcher. Purnell’s well-known 10/10/10 Burnt English Egg Surprise. Which was featured on The Great British Menu—remains a crowd favorite. The sophisticated and beautifully presented carpaccio of Herefordshire beef with red wine-braised octopus and onions is another highlight.

2. Opheem

Opheem, who has long been regarded. as one of Birmingham’s most talented chefs has at last allowed Aktar Islam. The artistic freedom he so much needed. And now a Michelin star is the result of that inventiveness. His one-man operation, which debuted on Summer Row in 2018, features a modern, grey design with a slender glass partition between the dining area from the kitchen. Islam’s menu offers a contemporary take on Bangladeshi and Indian food, utilizing cutting-edge methods to create some incredibly creative dishes. The dopiaza of sweet and smoky monkfish, served with a roscoff broth and spicy onion compote, is simply delicious.

3. Gaijin Sushi

Gaijin Sushi on Bristol Street makes you feel anything but a gaijin, which is Japanese for “foreigner” or “outsider.” The name of the restaurant is a nod to chef Michal Kubiak’s Polish heritage, but what really draws the crowd’s attention is witnessing him expertly cut up his ingredients in Gaijin’s cozy, L-shaped counter. The diverse nigiri set is ideal for sharing, and the minimalist décor lets you concentrate on the food. It’s a perfect way to sample Kubiak’s expertise. With dishes like smooth sweet prawns, soft pink salmon. And deep purple tuna wrapped in rice that has been lightly vinegared. 10 Best Restaurants In Birmingham.

4. Tiger Bites Pig

Before bao, Birmingham’s life was a kind of fuzzy blur. These fluffy steamed buns may have existed elsewhere. But when Tiger Bites Pig on Stephenson Street opened in 2018. They were brought to life in vibrant technicolor. Tall windows let in an abundance of natural light, and although though the little interior only has a few seats, part of its appeal is its intimacy. The flavorful, chewy. And incredibly light beef shin bao is simmered with shiitake mushrooms. black vinegar. And cured egg yolk. Made fresh every morning, they’re undoubtedly Birmingham’s greatest value snacks. 10 Best Restaurants In Birmingham.

5. Laghi’s Deli

The perennially traffic-congested Five Ways Island on the edges of Birmingham’s city centre isn’t an obvious place to discover a classy family-run Italian restaurant. But the welcoming atmosphere and peaceful rustic décor of Laghi’s Deli quickly drown out the sound of the passing cars. Luca Laghi, the owner, produced handmade pasta every morning and used the freshest ingredients from northern Italy to recreate the true flavor of his hometown of Bologna in Birmingham. The jet-black ravioli loaded with crab meat and mascarpone is strong and instantly gratifying, while the carbonara is thankfully cream-free. 10 Best Restaurants In Birmingham.

6. The Oyster Club

The Oyster Club, arguably the best seafood restaurant in Birmingham, with a marble-finished art deco decor with an attractive color scheme of light grey, deep blue, and gold. Owner Adam Stokes opened. The Oyster Club on Temple Row in 2019. Because he was not happy with only one well-regarded restaurant in the city. (his Michelin-starred restaurant Adam’s is just a few hundred feet away). The menu offers a variety of delectably prepared dishes, including a selection of delicate rock oysters from Essex, Jersey, and France; nevertheless, the creamy battered halibut and jenga-stacked triple-cooked chips represent a superb interpretation of a traditional British dish. 10 Best Restaurants In Birmingham.

7. Meat Shack

Meat Shack began as a well-liked burger stand at the Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham, a famous spot for street food, in 2012. Five years later, they built their own location. Meat Shack, located on Thorp Street across from the Hippodrome Theatre, with quirky street art by local artist Gent 48 and solid wooden tables with corrugated iron. “Dripping Filthy Goodness. is written in bold letters behind the bar. And the unique Sweet Chick burger more than lives up to that grandiose boast. The delicate chicken breast is served with a sweet chilli-garlic sauce. Pickled ginger, spring onions, and coriander. The combination leaves a long-lasting, dancing taste in the mouth.

8. The Wilderness

It makes sense that this gritty take on fine dining. With its charcoal black décor and thumping rock soundtrack. It would be situated just a few miles from the rough Aston streets. Where Black Sabbath was raised. The Wilderness offers superb food, but its distinct ambiance makes an evening there far less stuffy and formal than most fine dining establishments. The ultimate 10-course tasting menu, which saves the best for last with probably Birmingham’s most inventive dessert courses, is the way to go if you want the complete Wilderness experience. It is led by local owner and head chef Alex Claridge.

9. Harborne / Harborne Kitchen

If Birmingham is going to get its sixth Michelin star, it will probably happen outside of the bustling city center, in the verdant Harborne neighborhood. Harborne Kitchen, which opened in 2016, offers a laid-back fine-dining experience that begins with its simple decor and friendly staff who greet you as though you’re a long-lost friend who happened to stumble across their restaurant by accident. The proprietor and chef, Jamie Desogus, has created a modern British menu that is inventive and features some strange pairings. The smooth chicken liver parfait, Gariguette strawberries, and white chocolate are the standout dishes.

10. Stirchley / Eat Vietnam

Although the Stirchley neighborhood is becoming known as a craft beer lover’s paradise, one of the main attractions in this vibrant part of south Birmingham is Eat Vietnam. The kitchen is located so near to the action that even though the area is small and narrow, the fragrances hit you as soon as you walk in. Bun-cha, which has grilled pork on a hearty bed of flavorful vermicelli noodles, is one among owner Ming Nham’s many offerings. Sweet and satisfying side dishes include sticky marmite and peanut butter cauliflower nibbles.

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