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Oklahoma City offers a diverse dining scene with regional preferences for cattle, hog, catfish, and chicken coexisting with tastes from other nations. The vibrant Asian District, which is located to the north of downtown, the range of flavors from Mexico, Central America, and South America, which are located to the south and west, and a developing area of Black-owned restaurants in Oklahoma, which is located on the city’s east side, are all parts of the 405’s expanding culinary identity. A pandemic would not be able to stop that effort.

Although 2020 taught restaurateurs lessons they are unlikely to forget, customers have formed new behaviors they are not likely to break. Where it is feasible, post-pandemic diners may still opt for outside seating, and restaurants in Oklahoma City don’t appear overly motivated to alter this.

Cafe 501

Cafe 501, a premium counter-service dining establishment, made its debut in Edmond, a northern neighbor of Oklahoma City, in the mid-1990s. Presently, they are providing takeaways and deliveries of their signature dishes, such as brick oven pizza, homemade desserts, and the famous Coyote chicken sandwich. Thanks to the support of a local bakery and a new streetery, the sandwich now comes topped with caramelized onion, jalapeno, cheddar, and chipotle mayo, making it even more delicious and appetizing. Take-and-bake cookie dough should be purchased for the home.

Nunu’s Mediterranean Cafe

Before Oklahoma became a state, the prairie was home to Lebanese food. With a few modern twists, Nunu’s Mediterranean is a distillation of that legacy. A glass of Lebanese wine and a tenderloin kebab go well together on the patio. The full menu, including hummus, hashwa rice flavoured with condiments, and spiced beef or vegetarian cabbage rolls, is available for takeaway and delivery if you’d rather eat in. Everything is presented in the restaurant’s unique touchless to-go bags.

The Hutch on Avondale

The Hutch on Avondale, once known as the Coach House, has gradually shed the burden of its illustrious past. For thirty years, the Coach House served as the community’s standard-bearer for excellent dining and culinary brilliance. Chef David Henry, a product of the renowned apprenticeship programme at the Coach House, employs the same classical French approach in his cooking, but he has swapped out linen tablecloths and Dover sole for an ingenious high-low mashup of culinary customs.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the restaurant has added a terrace shaded by trees and a second dining area on the grass for full-service dining. Additionally, they have introduced a new takeout menu that includes chef Henry’s best dishes.. Look for coq au vin, grilled “cheeze,” cauliflower burnt ends, and white cheddar and chive biscuits. Those who eat outside can end with strawberry shortcake and vanilla ice.

Sushi Neko

Sushi Neko, which opened in the late 1990s, rose to prominence in the city because to its commitment to innovation. In 2018, it made the fortunate choice to add a dining area on the sidewalk, where innovative stone booths and overhead heaters provide warmth during the winter. Sushi Neko is renowned for its speciality rolls and excellent sashimi, notably the yellowtail special. Look for undiscovered treats like the rolled rib-eye negi maki.

VZD’s Restaurant & Bar

This storied music venue gave itself a lifeline through the pandemic by transforming its parking lot along Western Avenue into an outdoor dining room and bar. Currently, conventional burgers, sandwiches, and an eclectic mix of dishes including pad thai, beef stroganoff, and vegetarian Frito chilli pie are all available on chef Eric Smith’s extensive menu. The Crown Room, a one-table restaurant located inside VZD’s, accepts reservations for private groups for specially-created multicourse dinners by Chef Smith.

Burger Punk

Before the pandemic, this former food truck transitioned into a full-fledged burger restaurant where they serve Turbos, the restaurant’s specialty coffee slushie beverage, for free on the turf-covered deck. One of the loaded burgers is the Clash, which combines nacho cheese Doritos, cheese, fried onions, and jalapenos. Then there is the Theta, a creative riff on a classic burger made with hickory sauce, pickles, and mayonnaise. According to legend, burgers were first served at Town Tavern in Norman during the 1930s to sorority sisters who requested an onion-free meal before dances. Along with burgers, the menu also includes street dogs made with chili, onions, and chef Tom Woolly’s own liquid gold sauce. They offer saucy mac and cheese topped with fried onions, panko, and roasted jalapenos.


Frida has been showcasing Chef Quinn Carroll’s take on Southwest cuisine in a stylish and modern setting for the last two years. Diners can indulge in a variety of delectable dishes such as queso fundido, short rib empanadas, and pepita-crusted chile relleno. If you’re looking to try out something unique, go for the sugarcane skewered scallops and the “Santa Fe-spiced” bone-in pork chops, both of which are available on the spacious terrace that opened up during the pandemic in the summer of 2020. The menu also includes tamales in vegan or fish options, and for dessert, you can’t go wrong with the Mexican hot chocolate cheesecake .The entire menu is available for takeout, allowing you to savor Frida’s flavors at home.

Pizzeria Gusto

On sunny Sundays, the pizzeria serves brunch with lemon-ricotta cornmeal waffles, Parmesan frittatas, and mimosas topped with fresh orange, pineapple, or grapefruit juice. Seating is available on the restaurant’s front stoop as well as the patio under the restaurant’s canopy of trees.

Social Deck + Dining

This outdoor dining spot located between the Plaza District and Uptown boasts two patios – one covered in the front and the other open in the back. The menu is crafted to offer a delightful brunch experience in the sunny outdoors. Guests on the patio can share a diverse selection of buttermilk biscuits, hummus, and a burrata board. Additionally, the menu features a signature drink named Club Social, made with vodka and infused with floral notes. Owner Jamie Winteroth credits the locally owned TapTapEat app for the restaurant’s swift delivery and curbside pickup services during the pandemic. The app allowed the restaurant to deliver popular dishes such as tikka masala, corned beef hash, and chicken pappardelle to customers in a timely manner.

Florence’s Restaurant

Florence’s has been a local landmark since 1952. However, it wasn’t until the epidemic that it unveiled a brand-new front porch for dining al fresco. Florence Jones Kemp, the company’s namesake, along with her daughter Victoria Kemp, make dinner rolls and cornbread every day. They also prepare mouth-watering dishes from scratch such as fried chicken, candied yams, and braised oxtail. Things that are excellent for takeaway include wings, spareribs, peach cobbler and pear pie.

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