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The Pacific Northwest is rich in regional seafood, veggies, cheeses, and wine due to its temperate environment and closeness to the ocean. restaurants in Seattle take full advantage of this rich resource, serving everything from fine dining to fast-casual. In fact, they are so preoccupied with the food that they nearly never adhere to dress requirements or formal decorum. Depart the stilettos and the coats at home, but make reservations whenever you can since the finest seats go quickly. It has everything: delectable noodles, fresh seafood, and a mingling of cultures. Use our list of the top restaurants in Seattle as a starting point for your planning.


Musang has a welcoming atmosphere that extends beyond the fact that it is housed in a building with modern amenities like a tiled bar and wood floors. The chef Melissa Miranda grew up close by, and after spending years preparing Italian food elsewhere, she came back to her hometown and her family’s Filipino cuisine. Choose the short rib kare kare, which features tender beef swimming in a peanut butter and bagoong sauce with okra and green beans. The dish is composed enough to let you know you’re in a nice place and rich enough to provide comfort. However, the pork and prawn stuffed lumpia and pancit canton are both excellent choices.


Let’s be clear about one thing right away: a bateau is pricey. The steakhouse is a venue for important events and business expenses. Every part of the cow is used by chef Taylor Thornhill to create enchantment, from the sautéed beef heart to the liver mousse and the steak tartare topped with paddlefish caviar (a emphasis for the sustainably concerned restaurants in Seattle). There are simply no bad options here, and this includes the cuts of the day, which have a crisp exterior with your choice of compound butter on top.

Sushi Kappo Tamura

Although there are many excellent sushi restaurants in Seattle, finding a seat can be challenging. Fortunately (and surprisingly), Kappo Tamura, tucked away in the quiet Eastlake neighbourhood, almost always has space. The staff can customise the dinner with beverage pairings, serving ideas, or explanations of the ingredients because they are intimately familiar with the cuisine. Here, gourmets have long been drawn by the innovative omakase, delicious black cod belly, and plump lobes of fresh uni.


Canlis, which first opened its doors in 1950, continues to play a significant role in Seattle’s food scene and continues to provide many of the classic steakhouse dishes that made it famous. A table-side Caesar-style Canlis salad and a Grand Marnier souffle are served as dessert. However, the majority of the four-course meal here consists of modern innovations from chef Aisha Ibrahim, with dishes like a chilled Dungeness crab, tofu, and cucumber salad with an oil of charred cucumber peels.


This seafood café almost manages to make you forget you’re on the retail floor of a brand-new apartment block, but you never quite do. You can tell you’ve arrived at the proper place since all of your favourite downtown restaurants are represented by their off-duty workers. L’Oursin has been dominating the market since opening day thanks to its creative natural wines, chef J. J. Proville’s contemporary takes on French-café classics, and its cheerful, knowledgeable staff.

Bar del Corso

The main attraction here is pizza with a bubbling, charred crust and luscious dollops of cheese, but the charm is in those side dishes. Airy salt cod fritters, roasted asparagus covered with hazelnut sauce, and tender meatballs. You’ll feel drowsy with satisfaction after this dinner of bite-sized goodies. Refresh everything with a round of negronis.

Dacha Diner

Warm yellow lighting and the aroma of baking bread welcome guests as they enter Dacha Diner. Previously a busy tequileria, this wedge-shaped Capitol Hill eatery now exudes cosiness and serenity. Given that many foods are baked or created to order, a relaxing atmosphere is essential. Spend at least one hour there. Start with the dumplings. The pelmeni and vareniki are small, delicious, and perfect for sharing. The former is filled with tangy farmers cheese, while the latter is. Adjarian khachapuri, a type of Georgian pizza with runny egg on top, is the next food. You could also try matzo ball soup. If you still have room, there is brisket in a demi-glace grave as well.


Crudo, charcuterie, sandwiches, and seasonal fare are now available on Capitol Hill in a new, airy space. Crispy pork trotters and a deer loin dish as the main course demonstrate chef John Sundstrom’s passion of offal and game meats, while lighter options are also available. Not to be missed are the bright-pink wild salmon garnished with orange ikura roe or the exquisitely cooked hamachi crudo with fennel, preserved lemon, and green olive.

Champagne Diner

A restaurant takes a chance when it tries to improve on traditional comfort foods. Why meddle with a grilled cheese or an egg breakfast sandwich’s gooey perfection? But at Champagne Diner, chef Fernando Martinez succeeds in preserving the essence of traditional greasy-spoon favourites while introducing fresh and intriguing ingredients, such as the addition of swiss and brie to the aforementioned grilled cheese to make it more complicated. Choose a burger, which comes with a six-ounce patty on a toasted bun with cheese and house sauce, for a more conventional diner option.

Lil Red Takeout and Catering

U.S. and Jamaican flags are displayed on the front windows of this tiny counter-serve restaurant in the Columbia City neighbourhood. Once inside, the BBQ menu for the day will be equally representative of both cultures and displayed on two screens. And it’s no accident that expert Adrian Miller listed this establishment among his top 20 Black-owned BBQ joints. Try the zesty, achingly tender jerk chicken with a side of caramelised plantains or a well smoked brisket and some mac and cheese. Chef Erasto Jackson uses both American and Jamaican meats. You can’t go wrong if you end with the rum cake.

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