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Where would you take a visitor to Denver if you had to choose just one place to show them around? We only asked for that, and wow, did you guys deliver. This, in our opinion, is the ultimate guide to dining in Denver, including everything from Texas barbecue to farm-to-table cuisine to Japanese and Mexican, upscale and unpretentious, mom-and-pop to chains. We hope you enjoy!

El Five

Greetings from El Five. One of Denver’s rooftop bars, tucked away in the LoDo neighborhood, kicks off this list. Enjoy excellent seafood, burgers, and bar nibbles while admiring the city skyline. Don’t even get us started on their fantastic cocktails.

Watercourse Foods

These adorable comfort meals are served Restaurants In Denver with murals that are reminiscent of Watership Down. We wholeheartedly concur with Watercourse’s philosophy of making decisions that have the fewest negative effects on the environment and the community. A wide variety of vegan bar cuisine is available here, including vegan cauliflower wings, truffle fries, and bolognese with fennel sausage.


With its delicious Italian and Mediterranean ambiance, Tavernetta offers upscale, sophisticated cuisine. From pasta meals like Tagliatelle with Lobster and Anolini with Dandelion to seafood dishes like Halibut and Sea Bass. Also, don’t skimp on the many exotic wines on their extensive wine selection.


A successful corporation should have locations in significant cities like New York and San Francisco, but fortunately for us, one of their key locations Restaurants In Denverr. Prior to going, be aware that this is an upscale rather than a casual Restaurants In Denver (their website states that caps and flip-flops are a little too casual). Because Hillstone serves delectable American specialties like rotisserie chicken, barbecue ribs, and trout, it’s a great substitute for everyone

Los Dos Portillos

Who doesn’t like Mexican food? Thanks to Jose Ramirez, the proprietor of Los Dos Portillos, who grew up determined to build an authentic, no-frills Mexican Restaurants In Denver here, you can now find Portillos at multiple sites throughout Denver. We’d suggest some ceviche because it’s summer right now, but a sizable dish of carnitas nachos also works well.

Happy Camper

The Happy Camper, which has a great outside terrace and enticing food, is a wonderful addition to the list. A well maintained lawn, lounge chairs, fire pits, and shared wooden benches and eating tables are all part of the concept. The main course is pizza, but there is a long range of bar snacks as well. Come with your pals on a warm summer evening to enjoy some pizzas for the table.


If you’re trying to find a jazz lounge, Nocturne is the place to go. In RiNo, you can enter a gloomy underground club by heading to the lavish, blue entryway with gold decorations. Get a glass of crisp wine or try their Lady of Lavender Mist cocktail, which is prepared with London Dry Gin, Creamy Sherry, Lavender Chamomile Rosemary Syrup, and Lemon. Order an affogato or an “old fashioned” croissant bread pudding to end the evening.

Post Oak

Right here in Denver, you can have real Texas BBQ. Because they are dedicated to upholding the Texas BBQ tradition, they only use Post Oak that has been shipped directly from Texas. Purchase the Ron Swanson sandwich, which is made with a whole pound of brisket, pig, turkey, and pork belly, or order some BBQ tater tots or Mac & Cheese.


On Potager’s terrace, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. Enjoy New American cuisine in a rustic restaurant that also serves as a wine bar. They provide small plates, appetizers, main courses, and desserts in addition to distinctive, extremely fresh daily specialties. Potager’s is also enlisting the aid of area farmers, artisans, and the seasons to provide a seasonal, fresh, and local menu.

Pig and Sprout

There are many bars at the two-story gastropub Pig & Sprout that serve American food and beverages. There is also a brunch menu offered on the weekends. The menu at Pig & Sprout has two sections: the pig side offers meals made with pork, while the sprout side offers meals made with vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan ingredients. On both sides, there is a breakfast burrito that is offered all day. On the Sprout side, it is served with tofu, and on the Pig side, with bacon.

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