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Although we wholeheartedly agree that some of those early icons are still worthwhile of a journey down Memory Lane, Las Vegas restaurants have changed from the steakhouses, red sauce places, and buffets that previously fueled the city’s tourists. Vegas’s culinary scene has expanded along with the city. The city now has more master sommeliers than any other American metropolis, more famous chefs than you can toss a stick at, and the best access to the rarest ingredients on the planet. But in recent years, maturing has also required bringing in great talent without television ties and exploring locally. The top eateries in the city not only bring in rare snow meat from Hokkaido but also hefty tomatoes from Pahrump, Nevada.


Inside Mizumi, which looks out into a mystical Japanese garden and koi pond, everything is modern with lacquer and wood accents. If you’re lucky enough to eat outside at the floating pagoda table, you’ll be right next to the transporting waterfall. In all honesty, the restaurant delivers some of the best meals in Las Vegas and the entire world. Pure elegance can be found in the cuisine. If you want to spend a lot of money, ask for the snow beef. The sashimi and sushi are superb. In this lovely, romantic atmosphere, signature beverages are similarly pricey and carefully created.

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

Hanging Iberico hocks, antler chandeliers, a roaring fire in the middle, and the distinct fragrance of suckling pig are all features of Bazaar Meat in the Sahara. Undoubtedly, meat is a major obsession in Las Vegas. The finest ingredients and creative cooking are the hallmarks of this restaurant’s cuisine: There are “super-giant pork skin chicharrones,” “make-your-own bison tacos,” “foie gras cotton candy” that is both rich and sweet, and a very entertaining “bagels and lox cone.” The wine menu is massive in terms of length, scope, and bold pours. This is the closest Las Vegas will get to a bacchanalian feast.

Bardot Brasserie

When you are in the Bardot Brasserie, you’ll feel like you have entered Paris through a gateway. The company’s proprietor Michael Mina goes beyond the usual brasserie food.You can enhance the onion soup by adding short rib, black truffle, and a poached egg. The gruyere in the soup has been aged in a cave. You’ll become absorbed in it while perusing the newspaper at the bar and lose track of time. On a cool winter night (yes, it gets chilly in Vegas), it is best to share a meal with someone who is willing to abandon their diet, dive into the country bread with beurre d’echire A.O.C. butter, and continue working their way through the cheese plate.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire in Las Vegas is an exceptional restaurant for special occasions. The imaginative culinary creations of ordinary ingredients are transformed into elaborate works of art. Gagnaire uses geographical regions and seasons extensively, so if you want to experience a place’s actual flavour, try dishes like Dover Sole from Brittany with spinach cream, shitake duxelle, cauliflower, and mousseline sauce. A speciality cocktail is a good place to start because it contains some of the greatest and rarest wines in the world and is as airy and light as the meal.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Restaurant Guy Savoy’s modern decor accentuates the plates. The tasting menu offers a range of signature dishes, including artichoke and black truffle soup, sushi oyster concassee, and seared foie gras. The wine list is extensive and has its stand. The restaurant is located in the Augustus Tower of the Caesars Palace hotel, and has its own valet door, so you don’t have to cross a casino floor. It’s a perfect spot for a romantic and indulgent dining experience, especially for special occasions.


If you were absent during Las Vegas’ incredibly glamorous golden era, Delilah has brought them back, and then some. Delilah has been the hardest show to get a reservation for in Las Vegas since it started in 2021. Upon descending a staircase from a lounge upholstered in classic Hermes, you enter a space reminiscent of a ‘supper club revival’. However, that description hardly does it justice.The area is adorned with tables inlaid with malachite and brass palm trees towering 40 feet high. You can imagine the scene by picturing women gracefully descending down the famous Morris Lapidus “staircase to nowhere” at Miami’s Fontainebleau or at the Tropicana Club in Havana during the 1950s.. Put on something fancy if you’re unsure about what to wear. Chef Joshua Smith has maintained the favourites from classic supper club fare in addition to updating them.

Barry’s Downtown Prime

At Barry’s Downtown Prime, the steakhouse at the brand-new Circa Resort in Downtown Las Vegas, it’s all vintage glitz (with a modern twist). Since he oversaw the N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms and Scotch 80 Prime in Las Vegas, chef Barry Dakake has been a mainstay in the city.

The people gathered here consist of locals who enjoy trying out new and top-rated steakhouses in the area and returning to their favorites. Additionally, there are food enthusiasts who are fans of the chef’s dishes from these restaurants. Among the many delicious dishes, the braised beef short rib with horseradish mashed potatoes and harissa is unforgettable, as well as the crispy and cheesy lobster and shrimp potsticker. You must also try the exciting sides, such as poutine sauce, tater tots, and bang-bang crispy cauliflower.

Joël Robuchon

Food connoisseurs from all over the world come to Robuchon’s famed tasting menu, which features beautiful, straightforward French small plates and can last for hours in an Art Deco setting. Visitors are not diners here. They travel on a culinary pilgrimage. The first item on perhaps one of the most precious menus you’ll ever see, Le Caviar Imperial (osetra caviar in a crustacean gelee), is followed by course after course of the most artistic—and artistically delicious—French cuisine you’ll probably ever experience. Couples can enjoy a romantic, intimate meal there, while foodies dining alone will find it to be a sublime location. It might be the most costly and best lunch you’ve ever had.


Picasso is a two-Michelin-starred classic that has largely remained unaltered, but Julian Serrano’s other restaurant at the Bellagio, Lago, heralds a new direction for the hotel (it is bright-white, with a design based on 20th century Italian futurism). Picasso’s Spanish and French heritage are reflected in the décor of the room where his original paintings are shown. Terracotta tiles and flowers throughout the space provide the impression of being in a private Mediterranean home. The restaurant offers one of the best wine lists for Spanish wines in the nation, and the menu features classic dishes with creative plating, like pan-seared U-10 day boat scallops with a decadent potato mousseline and a stunningly presented roasted loin of Colorado lamb.

Wing Lei

You’ll understand why Wing Lei was the first Chinese restaurant in America to receive a Michelin star after taking a mouthful since the food is really fantastic. The Imperial Peking duck is a must-have at Wing Lei, which is located in a dining area bursting with the colours white, jade, and gold. Wing Lei also offers exquisitely crafted creative drinks.

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