Top 8 Restaurants In Kolhapur

In the southern region of the Indian state of Maharashtra, Kolhapur is a city on the banks of the Punchganga River. It serves as the district of Kolhapur’s administrative center. Because of its ancient shrine to Mahalaxmi, also known as Ambabai, and it’s spiritual past, Kolhapur is called “Dakshin Kashi” or the “Kashi of South.” The region is well-known for creating the well-known Kolhapuri chappal, hand-made, braided leather slippers that were given the Geographical Indication title in 2019. Kolhapur’s name in Indian history is Karvir. It serves as a crucial hub for the Marathi cinema industry. There are several eateries in the city that are ideal for socializing with friends.

 1=Barbeque Nation

This restaurant In Kolhapur is on the top floor of the Sayaji Hotel, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the city while dining. At night, the cityscape is even more stunning. They also have screens showing cricket matches and live music events. In addition to flavor, food is presented in an impressive manner.

  2=Patlacha Wada

The Sayaji Hotel’s top-level houses this restaurant, where patrons can dine while taking in a breathtaking view of the city. The cityscape is much more beautiful at night. Additionally, there are screens showcasing cricket games and live musical performances. Along with deliciousness, the food is also impressively presented.


This Maharashtrian-focused Restaurants In Kolhapur Nimbalkar Colony. The store has an excellent and soothing atmosphere. During the weekends and the holiday season, the location is busy. You are welcome to sample any dish from Kolhapuri cuisine. They take payments in a number of ways.

 4 The Yellow Chili Restaurant

It is a chic chain restaurant serving delectable meals from Northwestern India alongside Mughlai and Punjabi cuisine. The retail location is in Tarabai Park. The environment is first-rate and picturesque. Additionally, they adapt foods to the needs of the customers.

5=The Biryani Place

Essentially a takeaway establishment, it serves savory Biryani, raita, and sweet gulab jamun. It comes in great, hygienic packaging. The flavor of the biryani will stay with you and make you want to return to this location to have the mouthwatering biryani.

6= Chinu’s Restaurant

It is a little, unassuming restaurant with a small number of seats that serves traditional Chinese food. It is located in Kolhapur’s Nagalapark. The color, flavor, and addition of authentic flavors make the noodles mesmerizing. Excellent service is also provided.

7=Zorba Restaurant

This restaurant features a roomy seating area, a traditional ambiance, and lovely Indian patterns everywhere. The Restaurants In Kolhapur serve wonderful soups, paneer tikka, ice cream, and other dishes from other cuisines. The veg Kolhapuri dish is the most popular one here.

8=Hotel The Wood House

Since 1986, this restaurant has been offering delicious Maharashtrian and Punjabi food, and the flavor has not changed. The daily thali is excellent in taste. There are just a few seats available, and parking is available as well. The paneer starters from this restaurant are a must-try dish.

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