The 10 Best Restaurants in Amritsar

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Your journey to the city would be considered incomplete if you didn’t go to Jallianwala Bagh, pay your respects at Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), or taste some delectable Punjabi food at one of the city’s eateries. The locals of Amritsar are always glad to share their various culinary delights with visitors because food is one of the things that is most valued here. They obviously love eating because Amritsar is crammed with restaurants, each of which serves a vast selection of mouthwatering dishes. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of vegetarian-only eateries in the city. It should be obvious that the.

1. Bharawan Da Dhaba, Amritsar

Budget hotels > Travel Blog > Locations > Amritsar > The 12 Best Restaurants in Amritsar Offer the Classic Taste of Punjab Both residents and tourists agree that Bharawan Da Dhaba is Amritsar’s best vegetarian eatery. If you want to experience the true flavour of Punjab, visit this location, which is close to the Golden Temple. Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti are the dishes that people order the most from the menu. Additionally, their extensive menu of stuffed kulchas is well regarded. The restaurant’s atmosphere is just right—it’s neither too loud nor too quiet. It is a fantastic family restaurant with vintage chairs and tables. If you want to eat a hearty early breakfast, the restaurant is the place to go.

2. Kanha Sweets, Amritsar

They may mislead you into thinking they are a halwai (sweet shop) based just on the name, but they actually serve some of the tastiest kulchas in the city. The renowned Amritsari Kulcha, which is eaten with chhole, is the locals’ favourite food. Halwa and chhole puri are also highly well-liked foods. No matter what you choose to order, make sure you grab a glass of real Punjabi lassi. If you have a need for a late-night meal, don’t expect the restaurant to be open because it closes at a decent time. You will begin to believe that it truly is among the greatest vegetarian restaurants in Amritsar after just one visit.

3. All India Famous Kulcha, Amritsar

In Amritsar, the moniker All India Famous Kulche is well-known for its kulchas. Why not, then? Since 1989, it has served a variety of variants of this famous Punjabi flatbread to ravenous guests. When you see and sample the kulchas, you will see that they are prepared differently than they are elsewhere. The kulcha’s dough is rolled into seven layers, and either paneer or potatoes are then packed inside.

4. The Kulcha Land, Amritsar

Among, you guessed it, kulcha fans, The Kulcha Land is one of Amritsar’s most popular dining establishments. It only serves mouthwatering filled kulchas with chhole and a liberal amount of butter. Without a refreshing glass of lassi, the outfit will feel lacking. Just keep in mind to arrive a little early to beat the crowds and because it closes by early evening.

5. Brothers Dhaba, Amritsar

After paying respects to the Sikh Gurus, head over to Brothers Dhaba, one of Amritsar’s top eateries close to the Golden Temple, for a delicious lunch. Despite having a dhaba in the name, the establishment is more of a cross between a dhaba and a restaurant. It is one of Amritsar’s most well-known eateries and provides South and North Indian cuisine. Interestingly, it also works wonders if you’re looking for Chinese eateries in Amritsar. The recipes that are most frequently suggested are butter paneer masala and dal makhani.

6. Kesar Da Dhaba, Amritsar

For its inventive dal recipes, Kesar Da Dhaba ranks among Amritsar’s most renowned eateries. The dhaba is tucked away in a small alley, but getting there is simple because everyone in the neighbourhood knows where it is because it is so well-known. Despite its fame, Kesar Da Dhaba is a modest eatery that lacks ostentation. Since 1947, the year of independence, it has been in operation, giving you a piece of history as well. Make sure to get kali dal or dal makhani if you ever visit Kesar Da Dhaba. It requires careful planning and slow cooking for over 12 hours as part of the preparation phase. In actuality, the dhaba begins the dal’s preparation a day early.

7. Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner, Amritsar

Many people think that Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner is the best non-vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar. Just so you know, the eatery is said to serve Amritsar’s greatest fish. Originally only a cosy spot that served fish dishes, it has since changed into an air-conditioned restaurant that serves both fish and chicken dishes. You only need to get a glimpse of these or breathe in their aroma to start drooling. There must be fried fish, but you also need to eat curries like White Butter Chicken and Kadhai Chicken. Simply put, you must go to Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner if you are in Amritsar and eat non-vegetarian food.

8. Beera Chicken Corner, Amritsar

As its name suggests, Beera Chicken Corner is all about chicken, or as Punjabis say, kukkad. It is one of the most well-known non-vegetarian eateries in Amritsar. The Tandoori Chicken is the most popular dish here, although it is unique from other Tandoori Chicken dishes. Since 1972, it has used a special recipe in which the entire chicken is marinated in a blend of spices before being roasted to perfection. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the Beera Chicken Corner only has a little amount of seating and that a lot of people eat there. As a result, you might have to wait to eat at the restaurant. However, the eatery will be more than pleased to accommodate.

9. Crystal Restaurant, Amritsar

The restaurant Crystal Restaurant serves a range of Mughlai specialties, while not being a speciality establishment. It’s one of the best restaurants in Amritsar, serving a variety of foods like roasts, steaks, and grills. The Murgh Tawa Frontier, which is just chicken dipped in a hot and thick onion sauce, is the most highly regarded delicacy.

10. Adarsh Meat Shop, Amritsar

Adarsh Meat Shop is a gem in the Amritsar culinary scene and one of the best eateries for die-hard carnivores. To make the meat tender and succulent, it is cooked gently and shallow-fried. The kulchas are served alongside the spicily luscious meat dishes. The most popular item on the menu is mutton chaap, which is Hindi meaning “chop.” People also suggest the mouthwatering Mutton Tikka, which is served with kulchas and Brain Curry (a mainstay of Mughlai cuisine). You should be aware that there isn’t much seating available at the restaurant, so you’ll either have to wait or have it delivered to your car.

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