Street Food in Mumbai

Mumbai street cuisine is as fascinating as it is delicious.

Not only do you get to sample some amazingly delectable combinations of ingredients, but you also get to stand along the sultry streets of Mumbai, watching endless people walk by.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss 10 of the best Street Food in Mumbai dishes, as well as where to find them.

Vada Pav

Vada pav is one of Street Food in Mumbai’s most well-known and commonly accessible street food snacks. If you go down any Mumbai street, you’ll undoubtedly come across it sooner or later.

Vada pav, also known as the vegetarian burger from Mumbai, is made of spiced mashed potatoes that are deep-fried into patties, placed inside of fluffy white buns, and topped with a variety of chutneys and seasonings.

It’s one of the best-tasting veggie burgers you’ll probably ever taste, despite the fact that it seems straightforward and is. The chutney is the key component. Additionally, don’t overlook the fried chilies that are served on the side to add flavour and fire.

Bhel puri

In India, a wide variety of mainly savoury snacks are known as “chaat,” and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are hundreds of different variations. I’ve tried a few, and Mumbai sev puri is currently one of my favourites.

The base of the sev puri is a flatter puri, which is just a little round chip, which is then coated in potato mashed up, onions, cilantro, the sev, and a trio of garlic cloves, tamarind, and chilli condiments to give it an exceptional balance of flavours. Sev puri is garnished, as the name suggests, with a few pieces of green sour mango and sev.

Sev Puri

Chaat is a term used in India to denote a wide range of primarily savoury snacks, and I wouldn’t be shocked if there were hundreds of different sorts of chaat. I’ve tried a couple of them, and Mumbai sev puri is my personal favourite so far.

an outstanding flavour balance. Finally, as the name suggests, sev puri is topped with a handful of sev and sprinkled with green sour mango.

Pav Bhaji

I originally tried pav bhaji in Kolkata years ago, but after posting about it, I started getting a lot of messages from people urging me to try the dish in Mumbai. Finally, I made it to Juhu Beach on my Star Alliance trip to Street Food in Mumbai, and the first thing I went in search of there was pav bhaji (there are at least 20 places to eat pav bhaji in Juhu Beach’s food district).

The origins of pav bhaji is intriguing; it was once a late-night meal prepared from leftovers for labourers. Spices were added to mashed veggies, which were then served with bread

Kebabs and Rolls

There’s a lot of vegetarian food on our list of great Street Food in Mumbai (although I happen to think some of the world’s best vegetarian food is in India), but kebabs and rolls are unmistakably non-veg.

Mumbai boasts a lot of iconic eateries that provide delectable kebabs and rolls, one of which is the Mumbai bhuna rolls. Bhuna rolls are created with boneless chicken cooked in a spiced sauce and wrapped in a newly baked rumali roti, which is a thin roti comparable to a tortilla.

A bhuna roll is the ultimate late-night food that you want to be eating at 3 a.m. and feeling great about it


Although it isn’t technically food, I had to include it on this list due to its significance and dominance in India’s street food industry. Chai is more than simply a cup of tea; it’s a warm, comforting drink that provides a moment to slow down, relax, and take a break from the busy city streets.

Even while it’s not offered in clay cups like in Kolkata, chai is equally as popular and delectable there. Typically, a lot of creamy milk is added after the tea has been brewed strongly, and cardamom, masala, or ginger are added for flavour and spice.

One of the joys of travelling to India is sipping hot chai on the side of the road.

Pani Puri

It takes a special kind of street food brilliance to create something like pani puri; who would think to add flavoured water to a circular chip that gets soggy?

I’m here to tell you that it works fantastically well and is an amazing knockout of an Indian street meal.

The small puris are pierced, half-stuffed with potatoes and chickpeas, spiced, and filled with chutney and flavoured water. When the vendor delivers you one, you have to eat it right away so the puri stays crunchy and the spiced water doesn’t collapse in your mouth with the potatoes and chickpeas.

Pani puri is just delicious to eat. However, because it contains water.

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