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To be completely honest, Varanasi lacked any well-known restaurants for lunch or dinner. The Varanasi famous food, which consists of chats, desserts, and sweets, is well-known. All day long, snacks and desserts are offered. In fact, we unwittingly wander over to Kachori Gali whenever we visit Varanasi in search of the Blue Lassi Shop. Naturally, there are several stops before reaching Kashi Chat Bhandar or Deena Chat Bhandar. To find out where malaiyo tastes the greatest, we only search for stores that sell it during the winter. It is a lovely pleasure to be in Varanasi. After all the sensory experiences in Varanasi’s alleyways and alleys, the culinary pleasures are just what the palate needs. So, this is what we consider to be the best.

Kachori Sabzi

Kachori sabzi is the most popular morning Varanasi famous food. For breakfast, opt for the round, fluffy Kachoris served with steaming sabzi rather than the traditional bread and omelet. Kachoris are essentially puris filled with lentils and accompanied by a delicious sauce made of potatoes. After being freshly prepared in front of your eyes, the kachoris are served hot.

Kachori sabzi is our go-to breakfast food when visiting Varanasi. In the Kachori Gali neighborhood, there are many street-side booths selling this crispy and delectable dessert.

Tamatar Chat

I’ll start with Varanasi’s street cuisine, which is my favorite. Varanasi’s Tamatar Chat is an absolute joy. You may make a wonderful dish by combining tomatoes, potatoes, and the proper number of spices, including Hing (asafetida), and then garnishing it with the right amount of sweet chutney, dhania leaves, and desi ghee. The best Tamatar Chat is supposedly found in Kashi Chat Bhandar. We sampled tamatar chat from Kashi Chat Bhandar and other locations, and we can attest that Kashi Chat Bhandar’s version has the best flavor. Lahurabir Road has more street-side booths where you may purchase this delicious food.

The best spot to eat in Varanasi is unquestionably Kashi Chat Bhandar.

Chooda Matar

Another one of our favorite street dishes in Varanasi is chooda matar. Actually, this is Poha with a Varanasi twist. Flattened rice is cooked with fresh green peas and a variety of spices after being soaked in Desi Ghee. The meal is a delicious evening snack and is fairly filling.

Kashi Chat Bhandar and Deena Chat Bhandar are the two best restaurants in Varanasi.


Only a few people refuse to drink Golgappe. The sour flavor of collapse makes them unique and one of Varanasi’s most loved street snacks. The Dahi Chutney Golgappe, which has both sweet and spicy qualities, is an alternative to the classic golgappe made with tamarind water. All of Varanasi’s chat establishments sell this well-known Banarasi Chat.

Kashi Chat Bhandar, Deena Chat Bhandar, and the roadside shops are the best places to eat in Varanasi.

Malai Toast

Malai toast is a specialty of Varanasi only. Thick local bread is baked thoroughly in a coal furnace here, then liberally coated with either the preferred white butter or the traditional yellow butter. You can also add honey or a little salt and pepper to the toast. With a steaming mug of Kullad wali chai, this street food in Varanasi is best enjoyed.

Almost every tea vendor in Varanasi provides Malai toast in the morning, making it the best location to eat in the city. Laxmi Chai Wale on Godowlia Road is among the best.

Baati Chokha

Another incredibly popular street meal in Varanasi is this. This meal is available from numerous streetside stalls. An Indian dish called choke is made up of mashed potatoes, tomatoes, and baked brinjal along with a variety of other spices. at Varanasi, you may find baati choke at both upscale restaurants and streetside shops.

The Baati Chokha Restaurant at Teliyabagh is the best restaurant in Varanasi.

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