Best Restaurants in Sargodha

A major city in Pakistan, Sargodha is well known for producing a lot of citrus fruits each year. The best fruit to be shipped across the nation is oranges. A small yet intriguing city can be found in Pakistan.

Restaurants in Sargodha New travelers will always find it challenging to explore a new city; in order to feel at ease there, one should have a basic understanding of several key locations. We experienced the sudden impulse to eat while periodically living away from home, and Restaurants in Sargodha we may use that information right then.

Therefore, you no longer need to worry! Restaurants in Sargodha have included all the top locations in Sargodha that an outsider should visit to obtain a general idea of the food there. You would, of course.

Royal Dera Restaurant


The most comfortable spot is Royal Dera Restaurant, which has a large seating space and a great selection of delectable cuisine. Excellent for gatherings of family and friends. It strengthens a sense of cultural affiliation with its conventional furnishings and appearance as a whole.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Sargodha, Punjab, Awan Colony.

Style Broast

Style Toast is the most well-known eatery in Kachery Bazar Sargodha. They serve food that is both Chinese and Indian. Nevertheless, despite the fact that it tastes great.

In-person dining, takeaway, and no-contact delivery are all optional offerings.

Address: Block D, Gillwala Rd, 3MPQ+2PR, Satellite Town, Sargodha, Punjab

Smoke N Flames

In order to make its flame-grilled and peri-peri chicken, kebabs, burgers, and pizzas, Smoke N Flames only uses the best and freshest ingredients. The food is cooked every day to ensure that their clients receive the best.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Sargodha, Punjab 40100, 63-C Club Road.

LOFT 39 restaurant Sargodha

For the residents of Sargodha, Loft 39 Restaurant is a remarkable and novel idea. A fantastic view with great indoor and outdoor seating. If you’re searching for a special dining establishment in Sargodha. You have most sure never seen something like Loft 39!

Service Choices: Dine-In and Takeout

Address: Chak No. 39 Nb, Al Fareed Garden, Sargodha, Punjab.

De Fiesta Café & Restaurant

All varieties of Pakistani, Continental, Chinese, Fast meals, and BBQ meals are available at De Fiesta Café & Restaurant under one roof. Chicken handi, chicken boti, Kasturi boti, and chicken karahi are the best dishes to try.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Main Queens Rd, Ground Floor, Sher Zaman Town, Gulshan E Siqqiue Town, Sargodha, Punjab 40100


We are all aware that McDonald’s Pakistan is a subsidiary of the American fast food giant. In September 1998, it opened its first restaurant in Lahore and a second one in Karachi a week later. McDonald’s Sargodha offers the best customer service, much like its other locations.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Queens Road, Mansoorabad, Sargodha, Punjab, 3M6J+WWP Alif Chowk.]

Zam Zam Restaurant

The best white handi in the city can be found at Zam Zam eateries. Overall, it has amazing flavour; if you ever visit Sargodha, go to Zam Zam and sample its handi.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Awan Colony, Katchery Road, Sargodha, Punjab 40100.

Karana Bar Restaurant

A great and affordable restaurant to go to with family and friends is Kirana Bar. They continue to provide excellent service and food.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Civil Lines, 3MGG+C3C, University Rd, Sargodha, Punjab, Sargodha, Punjab.

The Queen Restaurant

The food at The Queen Restaurant is of the highest caliber. Interior environments are clean and well-maintained. Dedicated service from the staff. Both small and large get-togethers are suitable.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Club Road in Sargodha, Punjab, close to Rao Petrolium.

Cafe de Lime

Every meal that Cafe De Lime serves is something they take great pride in. They provide a unique culinary experience in an opulent setting. They offer an extensive range of vegan-friendly sweets in addition to traditional Pakistani food, fast food, and other specialties.

Optional services include dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery.

Location: Liberty Market, 1 km Gulberg City Road, Qenchi Morr University Town, Sargodha, Punjab 40100

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