Best Restaurants in Gujranwala

Gujranwala is referred to as the “city of wrestlers” and has grown immensely popular all over the world since it generates a sizable number of wrestlers for the subcontinent. Gujranwala is among the top cities in Pakistan for the quality of its food in addition to this trait.

When you have the chance to travel to a city that is renowned for its history and culture, make an effort to set aside some extra time to treat your palate as well.

We have made an effort to include all the potential locations that first-time visitors to Gujranwala should take note of in this article. Gaily, we are confident that you might find something amazing there to sate your appetite at any moment during the day or at least late at night.

  1. Shahbaz Tikka
  2. Bundu Khan
  3. China City Restaurant
  4. Real Taste Restaurant
  5. Manhattan Bites
  6. KFC Gujranwala
  7. Naanlecious
  8. Cherry Familly Restaurant
  9. Malees CAfe&Bakers
  10. Chahaar Baagh Restaurant Gujranwala Cantt

Shahbaz Tikka

Shahbaz Tikka’s specialties include Chinese, Pakistani, and BBQ food. All things considered, the staff is very competent, the cuisine is excellent, and the ambiance in the restaurant is nice.

Service Options: Takeout, Delivery, and Dining

Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the quality or flavor of his food. its aim is to deliver rich, refined meals to its customers.

Service Options: Takeaway and in-house Dining

Address: 55QH+94Q Shelton Rd, near Gulshan Iqbal Park, Shaheenabad, Gujranwala, Punjab

China Citi Restaurant

Fantastic spot to treat yourself to Chinese food at an amazing price. The setting is wonderful. The staff is kind and accommodating. Overall, the meal is delicious and presented well.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

In Gujranwala, Punjab, at Canal View Road, Block Aa of Sector 2 Canal View.

Real Taste Restaurant

Both the European and Chinese cuisine at Real Taste Restaurant has a respectable flavour. There is a traditional or regular hall for seating at the restaurant. The atmosphere is average.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Grand Trunk Road, Chan Da Qila, Jalil Town, Gujranwala, 35QV+RGW

Manhattan Bites

The “Signature New York Style Pizza” is being delivered. They use the finest imported ingredients, freshly made dough, and hand-picked fresh ingredients to make their pizza from scratch.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Main G.T. Road, Gujranwala, Punjab, Service Road beside the D.C. Road Underpass

KFC – Gujranwala

The popular restaurant chain KFC is known all over the world for its buckets of fried chicken, wings, and sides. Visit KFC Gujranwala if you enjoy chicken, and it will make your day.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Model Town, Main Grand Trunk Road, GDA, Trust Plaza, Gujranwala, Punjab


The dedication to Naans is reaching a new level of completeness thanks to Naanlecious. You can get a huge selection of naan, burgers, wraps, and smoothies here. If you love naan, the flavor is fantastic all around.

Service Choices: Dine-In and Takeout Address: Liberty Market, Block B Satellite Town, 557V+4C9 Sialkot Road, Opposite Jinnah Stadium,

Cherry Family Restaurant

The Gujranwala claims that the eatery has amazing flavor. Their specialty and delicious dish is barbecued leg or breast parts served with biryani rice. A must-see location for fans of biryani.

Service Options: Drive-through, No-Contact, and Dine-In

Malee’s Cafe & Bakers

The atmosphere at Malee’s Cafe & Bakers is lively and serene and glows with daylight. You may take in the lovely ambiance if you go there in the afternoon. The café is decent overall and has well-trained personnel. The meal is excellent.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Main Boulevard, B-3 Block, Block 3 Phase B Wapda Town, 35VM+HW5

Chahaar Baagh Resturant Gujranwala Cantt

The greatest fine dining establishment in Gujranwala is regarded as Chahaar Baagh Restaurant Gujranwala Cantt. Chinese, Continental, Thai, Pakistani, BBQ, Mughlai, Turkish, Fast Food, Pizza, Indian, and Live Bar are among the cuisines they serve.

Service Choices: Delivery, Drive-Through, and Dining

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