Best Fast Food in Lahore: Top 10

Similar to those seen around the country, Lahore is home to many fast-food restaurants. But, it does not follow that they are all the same.

While planning travel arrangements, it may be helpful to be aware of the Top Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore and what they have to offer on their menus. To help you with your vacation, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 fast-food restaurants to visit while traveling.

Continue reading to learn more about these hugely popular restaurants and what menu items are the most well-liked by patrons. The list of the Top Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore, together with their addresses and other information, is provided on this page.

Top Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore, Pakistan

1. Burger Lab Z-Block DHA

2. Howdy Rooftop

3. Subway 

4. Galito’s – Flame Grilled Chicken

5. The Brasserie


7.McDonald’s – Gulberg Main Boulevard

8. KFC – MM Alam Road

9. Pasta la Vista


Burger Lab Z-Block DHA

Burger Lab does it all, including popularising the American burger smash technique while also producing outstanding burgers with mouthwatering fries. Their “Burger Lab” brand claims that their only paths to success have been via experimentation and creativity. The Brand has developed a name for itself and is growing across Pakistan.

Howdy Rooftop

Howdy, a high-end fast food restaurant, is well renowned for its aged beef. The atmosphere is lovely. You always get what you pay for, however, it is a bit pricey and in a beautiful location. Could you give it a shot?

There are optional options for in-person eating, takeaway, and contactless delivery.


We thought the cuisine was excellent and on par with what you might get at the tube. The environment is calm and orderly. There may not be as many patrons since parking may be difficult on the congested MM Alam Road. The employees are really helpful.

Service Options: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Galito’s, Flame Grilled Chicken

One of the top fast-food establishments in the area is Galitos. It offers all the desirable qualities, including a great atmosphere, helpful staff, and reasonable costs. Galitos is a must-visit location overall for a fast dine-in.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Abdul Haque Road, Commercial Area Phase 2, Johar Town, Emporium Mall, Lahore, Punjab

The Brasserie

One may appreciate and be easily distracted by the view of the bustling food street because it is on the first level. A couple of the menu items, like their burgers and pasta, are fairly pricey, but their flavor reveals the high-quality ingredients they use. A warm atmosphere and a staff that is quite competent. Excellent location for birthday festivities.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: 94 D1, Mall, Block D 1 Gulberg III, 1 Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore, Punjab.


Delicious grilled chicken and beef burgers are served at Godfather Lahore with unique homemade sauces. Amazing pizza, steaks, grilled hamburgers, fries, and wings are also available at Godfather. The best in town for fast lunches.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

at the Civic Center Block D 2 Phase 1 Johar Town, 31 Main Boulevard, Lahore, Punjab 54600.

McDonald’s – Gulberg Main Boulevard

Because of the friendly staff and cutting-edge equipment employed at every site, customers always have a good time when they visit McDonald’s.

Given that most restaurants have a kids’ play area with toys and a labyrinth slide, McDonald’s is particularly kid-friendly.

Parking: There are good spots available for everyone. I never had difficulties finding parking at McDonald’s.

Drive-through, no-contact, and seated services are available.

KFC – MM Alam Road

one of the best KFC locations in Lahore. Even though it becomes quite busy at night, the food is always fresh and the service is always swift.

Dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery are available services.

Address: 28 L College Road, Block L Gulberg 2, next to the Mini Market.

Pasta la Vista

The best genuine Italian cuisine in the area is available at this hidden gem. They make delicious, fragrant pizzas. Their pasta recipes combine freshly cooked pasta with Italian herbs and spices. The menu is flexible and provides a variety of quick meals.

Service Choices: Delivery, Takeout, and Dining

Address: Sector S DHA Phase 2, F9CR+56M,


encasing all of your concerns in delicious wraps! You’re covered with crispy and fusion wraps. You may select from a variety of flavors for the ultimate fast food experience, ranging in heat from moderate to very hot. If you want hot food, you must try their dynamite crispy wrap. If you prefer a somewhat spicy choice, try their American southwestern wrap.

Service Options: Takeout, Delivery, and Dine

Address: 176-A Raiwind Road, Ali Town, Lahore, Punjab.

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