10 Best Restaurants in Austin Right Now

Austin has matured significantly.It’s no longer only a college town where cheap tacos for breakfast are the go-to meal for late-nighters. Today, the city has become a culinary powerhouse, with enough sauce to rival Dallas’s luxurious dining scene and Houston’s authentic Asian restaurants. Of course, the beloved Tex-Mex trucks and brisket smokers still exist. We’re merely stating that these are currently dancing with foreign eateries, both upmarket and casual, and it will only be a matter of time (let’s hope!) until some of those Michelin medals start coming over here. Best Restaurants in Austin

Feeling peckish? The finest of all that the city has to offer is compiled here, including the tried-and-true American burgers and barbecue as well as Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and Japanese cuisine. Some rely more on plant power than others—after all, this is Texas—but some are huge meat eaters. At Bat City’s most delectable eateries, you can anticipate Texas-sized portions of whatever protein you choose.

1. Daiboku

Recently, the West Campus sibling restaurant of Austin icon Sazan opened, and it’s already garnering just as much praise as the original. If you want a rich broth that tastes like it’s from a classic Tokyo den, try the distinctive shoyu and miso-style ramen, which also adds some crispiness to the dish. The golden-baked, bone-in wings are pure bliss, especially when paired with a side of kewpie mayo and lemon. You came to a Japanese restaurant to try the sake and Japanese whiskies, not the beers and wines on the full bar.

2. Garrison

Every Austinite has had Garrison on their bucket list for a long time, and their expectations are always exceeded. The meal at this upmarket grill establishment is as delicious as Texan cooking should be, combining big-city elegance with small-town southern charm. That’s because Chef Jakub Czyszczon utilizes only fresh, locally sourced ingredients and barbecues them over Texas Post Oak flame. The outcome is the most succulent assortment of fish, poultry, and steaks. Be sure to try their renowned Tater Tots (made with substantial amounts of black truffle and aerated gruyere cheese), the smoky Grilled Texas Redfish, and the warm Pecan Souffle. Best Restaurants in Austin

3.  La Barbecue

Naturally, this Central Texas-style barbecue joint, run by the late pitmaster Louis Mueller’s granddaughter, will be fantastic. La Barbecue has relocated to East Cesar Chavez and now serves house-prepared sausage, hog ribs, and brisket in addition to indoor and outdoor eating choices. Delish sandwiches like La Frito Loco (pulled pork, chopped beef, chipotle slaw, Fritos, cheese, and jalapeños) can be made simply or extravagantly.

4. Veracruz All Natural

Super fresh ingredients let Veracruz All Natural stand apart from other taco vendors in the city. With its fresh tortilla packed with eggs, tortilla chips, avocado, pico de gallo, and cheese, the Migas taco has a cult following, and for good reason. You’ll become a fan too. Taste their freshly squeezed juice to top off your breakfast, and you’ll understand why they have such a devoted fan base and more brick-and-mortar and food truck locations throughout the city. Best Restaurants in Austin

5. Yamas Greek Kitchen + Bar

Yamas, another recent addition to the scene, is a charming family-run eatery with lots of heart and handmade flavor. There’s a large Mediterranean seafood selection along with some clearly Greek meals like fried feta, keftedakia (Greek meatballs), and chicken souvlaki. The objective of Roxie and Hristos Nikolakos, a husband-and-wife duo, is to take diners to the Mediterranean shore. Moviegoers who enjoyed Mamma Mia! might want to start singing. Best Restaurants in Austin

6. Picnik

Eating healthily in Austin? Yes, you heard correctly. Originally a food trailer, Picnik’s goal is to make genuine food inclusive and accessible to everyone. Today, the company has three brick-and-mortar sites, one of which is a stylish area on South First including a full-service, healthier bar (sample the Pitaya Margarita, which goes well with chips and cashew queso). Plant-based deliciousness abounds in every meal, with an emphasis on fresh veggies and meats sourced responsibly. Refuel with their sustainable pan-seared fish with vegetables, wind down with their heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, and finish with their sweet coconut matcha latte from the cafe. Best Restaurants in Austin

7. Old Thousand

Though Old Thousand is a multi-talented individual, you wouldn’t expect a trendy Chinese restaurant in Texas to prepare General Tso’s Chicken in the same way as a beloved family takeaway on Canal Street in Manhattan. The local American-Chinese staples (such as egg rolls, xiao mian, and beef & broccoli) as well as the creative Kung Pao Brussels and Texan-influenced brisket fried rice delight both diners. Sunday brunch and a full bar with drinks like the Panda Spiced Latte further heighten the celebration

8. Salt and Time

While there are many ways to savor the best cuts of meat at Salt & Time, an Eastside Butcher Shop and Salumeria, their well-known Signature Burger is the best. A half-pound burger topped with mayo, sour pickles, and daily steak trimmings sits atop a brioche bun. If you purchase a side order of beef-fat french fries, you won’t be able to eat a burger and fries ever again (sorry, not sorry). Check out the Salt & Time Wine shop next door for a carefully curated assortment of natural wines ranging from unusual to well-known, as well as apothecary items and specialty snacks..

9. Honey Moon Spirit Lounge

Located just north of downtown, the opulent French-inspired home is a popular destination for weekend get-togethers for brunch or cocktails as well as a romantic retreat for evening dates. Enjoy treats like steak tartare, whipped cheeses, and charcuterie while seated against seductive velvet walls surrounded by opulent antiques. If you’re feeling very formal, try the caviar with crème fraiche. On the other hand, Sunday brunch is all about the oyster tower. Honey Moon Spirit Lounge makes the most of the warm Southern weather by offering a wide array of beers, ciders, wines, cocktails, and more on a breezy terrace

10. El Alma

Everyone knows that El Alma, a Barton Springs tradition, is the ideal location for a feast combined with a party. The ideal spot to congregate in the weeks leading up to Cinco de Mayo and Dia de Muertos is on the multitiered rooftop. Things are rather relaxed when the fiestas aren’t happening, but the cuisine is still exquisite. The pig tamales and duck releno are popular dishes, and the wide variety of tacos is always a good choice. Naturally, a Mexican dinner in Austin wouldn’t be complete without a margarita. During a long, sweltering Texas summer, their cold treats are like medication.

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