10 Best Restaurants in Memphis

The blues, Beale Street, rock ‘n’ roll, and soul all originated in Memphis. Thank you very much for Shelby Farms, which is five times the size of Central Park in New York City, Graceland, Sun Studio, and the National Civil Rights Museum. But Memphis offers more to visitors than only historical landmarks and monuments; its cuisine is also a reason to visit. When you’re in the Bluff City again, this is where you should go for it and have a few drinks. Best Restaurants in Memphis

1. Gus’s Fried Chicken

Hot chicken is a Nashville specialty, as many will quickly point out, but that hasn’t prevented fans of the Memphis version from swarming Gus’s 17—count ’em—locations, two of which are in Memphis. Originally founded in Mason, Tennessee, over sixty years ago, Gus’s is still family-run and uses the same recipe that Napoleon “Na” Vanderbilt and his wife employed when they first began selling chicken between slices of white bread from a tavern’s back door. Try the freshly fried hot chicken, but make sure to get a slice of chocolate chess pie before you leave. Best Restaurants in Memphis

2. Gibson’s Donuts

Businesses that are open twenty-four hours a day are frequently met with a certain amount of mistrust by diners. Always accessible? But doesn’t the caliber deteriorate? Not in Gibson’s instance. Gibson’s has been producing doughnuts practically faster than they can be sold since it first opened in 1967. (In fact, owner Don DeWeese may throw you a doughnut from behind the counter if you appear particularly drowsy.)

3. Central BBQ

Condé Nast Traveler readers rank Memphis’s barbecue as among of the best in the nation, and most of the credit for this goes to well-known eateries like Central. Furthermore, applying a dry rub does not necessarily result in juicy meat. Here, a variety of dry spices are used to rub ribs, pig, chicken, turkey, beef brisket, sausage, and bologna. The meat is marinated for a full day before being delicately smoked over a mixture of pecan and hickory woods in a pit. Bonus? With three locations—in Midtown, Downtown, and East Memphis—Central can satisfy your barbecue cravings without requiring you to go far.The Best Restaurants in Memphis

4. Maciel’s Tortas & Tacos

If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you would probably walk right by Maciel’s, a little business on the northern end of South Main Street. It’s a good example of not judging a book by its cover. Manuel Martinez, the owner of the modest eatery, appears to be everywhere at all times, supervising a small staff that creates everything from fresh guacamole to handmade huaraches and tortas stuffed with chorizo, chicken cutlet, and fried eggs.. Note: There is no alcohol offered, and the menu is somewhat limited.

5. Chez Philippe

Luxurious dining at its finest can be found in Memphis at Chez Philippe, an exquisite eatery housed within the renowned Peabody Hotel (yep, the same one where the duck parade takes place every morning). Dinner here features four- and seven-course tasting menus with French influences, prepared by executive chef Andreas Kisler. The hotel used to host proms for Elvis Presley, Caesar salad is served at tables, and jackets are “preferred.” Extra benefit? In Memphis, Chez Philippe is the only establishment offering afternoon tea. Best Restaurants in Memphis

6. Muddy’s Bake Shop

Muddy’s signature dish is called Prozac Cake. and that seems sense, considering that it has the name of an antidepressant. It is composed of two layers of devil’s food cake and has a velvety coating. A creamy chocolate buttercream.Muddy’s draws consumers with delicious cupcakes, pies, and toffee bars in addition to its cheerful cake.The joy that goes into each treat makes this possible. The East Memphis bakery keeps a well and obtains its goods locally. reputable outreach initiative in the neighborhood.

7. Hog & Hominy

Though it may not sound very attractive at first, chefs Michael Hudman and Andy Ticer’s Southern-influenced Italian food is delicious. They have been creating dishes like grits al forno and biscuit gnocchi in a restored East Memphis ranch house since 2011. The couple first opened Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen in 2008 (see below). and since then. they have won James Beard semi-finalist and finalist awards. They are currently growing their empire. Hudman and Ticer will be the culinary partners” at Josephine Estelle. the restaurant in the soon-to-open Ace Hotel in New Orleans. while Catherine & Mary’s. the sister restaurant. will make its debut in downtown Memphis in the near future.

8. The Bar-B-Q Shop

corn.Sample the potato gnocchi with short ribs and remain for the gelato, which is prepared in-house and is rotated. included tastes like honey-orange and popcorn.Try the short ribbed potato gnocchi and save the rest for the rotating, house-prepared gelato. included flavors such as pop and honey-orangeGo to Payne’s or the Bar-B-Q Shop in Midtown instead of the more well-known Charles Vergos’s Rendezvous if you’re looking for wet and dry ribs.The latter is well recognized for having invented BBQ spaghetti, another popular Memphis dish. A major component of the Bar-B-Q Shop’s deliciousness is their secret sauce, which is thick and vinegar-based and goes well with pulled pork, beef brisket, barbecue bologna, and pig ribs. Do you need something to eat quickly to go with you?

9. Huey’s

There are burger joints everywhere, and Memphis is no exception. But if quality is what you’re looking, Huey’s has secret blend and custom-ground meat from Charlie’s Meat Market. Indulge your inner child and scribble on the walls as you wait for your burger—all 13 options are about an inch thick. It’s not just OK, but encouraged. Since Huey’s founding on Madison Avenue in 1970, seven more sites have opened, and the original establishment celebrated its 45th birthday in 2015.

10. Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen

Like many of the red wines it carries. Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen’s inaugural offering from chefs Michael Hudman and Andy Ticer gets better with age. Since its opening in 2008, the menu has seen numerous changes, but the flavors and huge lines remain the same. Try the short rib potato gnocchi and stay around for the homemade gelato. which rotates and has previously. featured flavors like popcorn and honey-orange.

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