Best Restaurants in Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar Khan is located on Pakistan’s southern border in the Punjab province. The city contains many restaurants, the majority of which are traditional local institutions. However, due to fast urban expansion, many modern cuisine shops are springing up around the city. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular restaurants in Rahim Yar Khan, which can easily compete in terms of quality and ambiance with those in larger cities like Karachi and Lahore.


Abbasia Town is located at Sizzling Restaurant. Rahim Yar Khan is one of Rahim Yar Khan’s busiest restaurants. Sizzling Restaurant, which serves a range of dishes ranging from Chinese to BBQ, takes satisfaction in providing great food quality and customer service, which is why they have earned fame in the city.

Sizzling Restaurant has a huge and devoted client base since it caters to a wide range of personal tastes. The restaurant also offers free home delivery, so if you want the food delivered to your door, that is an option.

Abbasia Town in Rahimyar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.


If there is one trouble that most restaurants in Rahim Yar Khan have in common, it is parking. Paprika Restaurant, on the other conjunction, is not one of them. This location has sufficient area to host all types of groups, from small to large. Whether you dine in or out, the service quality is always superb.

After a long day, going for a drive followed by a lovely meal is a great way to unwind in Rahim Yar Khan. And what better place to go than a restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines? Paprika Restaurant offers a diverse menu of European, Thai, and Middle Eastern cuisines.


Consider taking your off-road wheels out for a few rides in the evening in the center of the Cholistan Desert, followed by dinner at a spot with a panoramic view of the desert. Wouldn’t that be fun? Family Restaurant offers the same experience as Rahim Yar Khan. Desert Inn, located on the rear of Desert Palace, the residence of Abu Dhabi’s Royal Family in Rahim Yar Khan, has capabilities outside seating where you may enjoy an enjoyable desert breeze at night while eating some fine food.

Desert Inn Family Restaurant is located on Rahim Yar Khan Road in the Cholistan Desert, Rahim Yar Khan


This cuisine chain, well-known in other parts of the country, also has a location in Rahim Yar Khan. It provides some of the best subcontinental street food, including

Under one roof, Bombay Chowpatty serves a variety of chaats. Additionally, they offer cuisine in the traditional manner of “thali,” which is a tray with portions of different culinary items. While chaat and thali are specialized, they also provide traditional foods such as BBQ, Chinese & Thai, and Pakistani cuisine.

Jullundur Mall is located on Sadiq Club Rd in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan


Bay Leaf Restaurant is last but not least on our list of dining establishments in Rahim Yar Khan. Delicious fast food items such as burgers, pizzas, and wraps are freshly ready to provide you here. While they have an actual spot near Canal Road, you can also place your order via smartphone.

Address: Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

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