Best Restaurant in Islamabad

As a result of the wonderful weather and stunning scenery.Best Restaurant in Islamabad it is a very popular destination for tourists. One of the best spots to spend your summer is Margalla Hills. Visitors may enjoy an outstanding view from there. There are far too many restaurants close by that offer both variety and high-quality meals.

There are a tonne of renowned in where you may consume the delectable delicacies you crave if you adore Indian food and like doing so in this city. People love these foods since they have been eating them since they were little. Finding quality is one of the primary worries when looking for any certain food variety since the most important thing is to consume a meal with its authentic flavor.

For the city of Islamabad’s foodies. We have included a list of locations where people may sample delectable Pakistani cuisine.

La Montana

In Islamabad, on Pir Sohawa Road, lies the La Montana restaurant. Because the Margalla hills surround it, this restaurant has a beautiful outlook. Since its opening in 2004, it has been providing clients with a delectable selection of dishes. On their extensive menu, they provide a wide variety of foods, including fish, burgers, Bar B Q items, veggies, lentils, and beef.

Usmania Restaurant

In the Blue Area’s Jinnah Avenue is the Usmania restaurant. It has locations in a number of Pakistani cities. There are many delicious foods available here. Lamb leg steamed roast, pheasant steamed roast, and chicken cooked roast are just a few of their unique offerings. One of their well-liked meals that are quite popular among consumers is the Usmania unique chicken

Savour Foods

 hanSavour Foods can be found to the west of Jinnah Avenue. It is one of the greatest places to enjoy desi food because the menu only offers dishes from Pakistan. They have been offering delicious food since 1988. Savour Foods employs top-notch professionals who provide delectable food for customers. They are known for their flavorful pulao kababs, zarda, chicken roasts, and crispy wings.

Des Pardes

Saidpur Road is where Des Pardes is. They have been in the industry for over seven years. Des Pardes is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a restaurant that provides excellent Mughlai food. Some of their greatest Mughlai delicacies are the Mughlai murgh handi, Shahi murgh yakhni, and Maharajah short. Lebanese, Chinese, and continental foods are among the other international cuisines offered at this restaurant.


In Qishmich, it’s a great place to dine as well. Its name is quite recognizable and attracts clients. The address of Qishmisch is F-7 Markaz, Bhittai Road. In addition, they provide a variety of meals in their specialist section, such as traditional mutton paya, Shikarpuri chatkhara mutton karahi, Chinioti kunna, Madrasi chicken, murgh-e-bahar, and many more.

Chilman Restaurant

Restaurant Chilman is located in G-9 Markaz. It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy a distinct array of mouthwatering cuisine. Chicken Rajasthani, mutton hara masala, desi murgh shorba, mutton namkeen karahi, mutton olive, and Chilean unique soup are just a few of the dishes they specialize in. In this metropolis, they are widely recognized for serving up delicious meals of the highest caliber

Habibi Restaurant

Numerous locations of the restaurant Habibi exist in this nation. The UAE also has a branch of it. This restaurant will meet all of your needs if you wish to appreciate the regional specialties of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Mutton namkeen karahi, unique malai tikka, Sikandar boti, sesame fried chicken, and kalbi pulao are some of the things you may have here.


At Islamabad’s Mangla Road, there are tapas. It offers a wide variety of cuisine items. Chinese and Spanish food is also available here for your enjoyment. The meals that are well-known among Pakistanis include paratha, zeera rice, seekh kabab, tandoori chicken, and Bihari chicken. They also provide delicious appetizers including finger fish, crispy chicken nibbles, and crunch platters.

Andaaz Restaurant

The Andaaz restaurant is a welcome addition to the city’s dining options. They also offer fantastic cuisine with original names. One of their cuisine sections, Tandoori Namonay, is full of mouthwatering meals including Tandoori Mela, Tandoori Jhinga, Seekh Lahori, Lucknow Kabab, Murgh Kabab Badami, and many others. Additionally, they provide a wonderful selection of veggie meals.

Haleem Ghar

Haleem Ghar is located on Jinnah Avenue in Ginza Center. They are renowned for offering wholesome, nutritious cuisine. They source the spices for their cuisine from one of the best manufacturers. A vast variety of Haleem is this establishment’s major specialty. Additionally, you may order a variety of additional items, such as handi, biryani, bar-b-que, fish snacks, and biryani.

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